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There's been a lot going on here since our founding in 2021.
Our team consists of 7 highly motivated musicians and music enthusiasts. We are a funny bunch of Java-speakers, CSS-sliders, all-color-makers, word-jugglers and number-pushers. One thing unites us all: The passion for music. Some because they can really practice music - whether as a singer, guitarist or piano player. The others also love music, but are more condemned to listening. That's us - the connactz team

Office statistics

hours of clever thinking
painful fingers
400 l
small beers
100 %
fun doing what we love

Our team

Frontman / CO-Founder
Todo list junkie | guitarist | jazz & funk fanboy | early bird
Frontman / CO-Founder
music producer | spice master | cat fan | amateur chess player
Audience / Frontend Development
Coffee-junkie | Cat-fool | Craft-friend | Plant-enthusiast
Piano player / AI developer
Amateur B3 organ player | Last-man-standing at every party | Coffee junkie | Lord of the Rings nerd
Audience / Frontend Development
Volunteering activist | Bookworm | Cooking Aficionado | Gamer
Guitarist / Marketing & Sales
Creativity bomb | globetrotter | humor-as-life attitude | stress-free person
There is still room for YOU here!
Answers to frequent questions
connactz for event organizers is free of charge. We finance ourselves only with the membership fees of our bands & DJs.
If you want to compare multiple offers by artists that are available for the day of your event, inserting your event data is the right choice. If you already know your favorite, you can also send a single request to this artist, but he or she might be already booked.
If the event data are deposited, you will usually receive the first offers after a few hours. After 7 days the search closes automatically. For individual requests, it depends strongly on the artist, when a response can be expected.
No, the contact details will not be passed on. Only the most necessary event data such as location & date we make visible for artists. Other information, such as your budget limit, we use only in the background to find suitable artists, but do not show this information to the artists.
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