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House-DJs for your club

DJ House Club / Pub / Bar
DJ Maximilian Schmidt
DJ, Ingolstadt (DE)
No reviews yet
DJ, اوزلار (DE)
No reviews yet
DJ, Göttingen (DE)
No reviews yet
Band, München (DE)
No reviews yet

Reggae-bands for your town festival

Band Reggae Town Festival
Rebel Musig
Band, Innsbruck (AT)
No reviews yet
Chiko U solo
Band, Würzburg (DE)
No reviews yet
Band, Bad Wünnenberg (DE)
No reviews yet
Band, Königsbachstein (DE)
No reviews yet

Pop-singers for your wedding

Singer Pop Wedding
Maria Tschuck
Singer, Greiz (DE)
No reviews yet
Matthias Held
Singer, Radevormwald (DE)
No reviews yet
Tiziano Scorrano
Singer, Kriens (CH)
No reviews yet
Singer, Dresden (DE)
No reviews yet

Hit-bands for your fairground

Band Hit Fairground
Herb'n Beets
Band, Arnstorf (DE)
5 Reviews
Band, Berlin (DE)
12 Reviews
Deifes Buam
Band, Regen (DE)
No reviews yet
Band, München (DE)
14 Reviews
Answers to frequent questions
With a search request, we suggest your event to suitable musicians. Shortly after, you will receive several offers from musicians who are available for the date. If you want to browse yourself, you can browse the artist directory and write to musicians directly.
Nothing, we are financed exclusively by the membership fees of the musicians.
No. A search request costs nothing and is non-binding. However, we ask you to let all artists who send you an offer know whether you are interested in booking or whether they can give the date to someone else.
We recommend that you set up a search request for your event and compare the offers and profiles of the musicians including the audio samples directly with each other.
Once you have logged into your account as an organizer, you can see an overview of all events. Click on the desired event and then use the button "Stop search". Your event will then not be suggested to any new band.
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