connactz finds the perfect musicians for your event

connactz searches for musicians according to your preferences. For free!

Booking musicians in 3 easy steps

You can either browse through our artist pool or insert your event data - complete free of charge. By inserting your event data, connactz uses artificial intelligence to find bands, DJs and artists, that perfectly match your requirements.
Browse through our artist pool or directly insert your event data to receive offers from fitting musicians.
Easily compare the offers of bands and djs. Music samples and reviews of past events will help you with a decision.
Book your favorite and clarify the details regarding your event within the integrated chat.

Search and Find. Compare all musicians that fit to your event within your personal overview.

Easy search: With our intelligent filters, you will receive offers that perfectly fit to your event.

Answers to frequent questions

What does searching cost?
connactz for event organizers is free of charge. We finance ourselves only with the membership fees of our bands & DJs.
How long does a search take?
If you insert your event data, it usually takes only hours to receive the first offers. The search closes automatically after 7 days. If you directly contact an artist, it highly depends on him or her to respond quickly.
When should I insert my event data?
If you want to compare multiple offers by artists that are available for the day of your event, inserting your event data is the right choice. If you already know your favorite, you can also send a single request to this artist, but he or she might be already booked.
Do you give away my contact details?
No, your contact details remains secret. We only make the basic data like location & time visible, so that artists can send you offers. Other data like your budget is kept secret and only used in the background to filter matching artists, but is not shown to them.
More questions? Shoot us a message via Whatsapp or mail. We will contact you as soon as possible and also offer a call upon request.
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