Unforgettable events thanks to unforgettable music

Whether you are looking for suitable musical accompaniment for a wedding, an open-air concert or a graduation ball - our network offers the perfect artist for every event!

Artists for your event

This is how the search works with connactz:

You have the event - we have the music! You are looking for a DJ for your wedding, want an orchestra to accompany your wedding ceremony musically or need a band for your company or christmas party? Our network of excellent musicians offers you the right act for every occasion!

With connactz you can find a suitable act for your event in two easy ways!
Either let our system find suitable musicians or start your own search in our artist directory!

The search, whether our own artist search or search request, is completely free and without obligation!

Your own artist search

In 3 easy steps to your dream act!
Enter the type of event you're hosting and where it's taking place. connactz will immediately suggest suitable artists.
Compare the profiles of the artists with provided audio samples and ratings by other organizers.
You can contact the musicians directly via the profile. Afterwards they will contact you and you can discuss on further details.

Create search request

Save yourself time and let us find the perfect act for you!
Based on your information, connactz uses artificial intelligence to search for bands, DJs and other musicians that fit your event. And all this in 3 quick & easy steps!
Fill out form
Simply enter the event details in the form below.
Make selection
Applications and offers from the artists come to you automatically. Now you have to make a choice!
Book artists
Select your favorite and easily clarify the final details about the event with the musicians in the integrated chat.
create search request

Your advantages with the artist search

Why a search request with connactz is really worth it:
The wide network of connactz offers various line-ups, such as solo entertainers, bands, brass bands, choirs, DJs, singers and many more.

You can also choose from a wide variety of musical styles. Select the musical accompaniment to match the theme of your event. Choose comfortably between genres like alternative, blues, country, electro, gospel, indie, jazz, metal, party or pop! We represent all facets of music!

The search request at connactz saves time! You create the request once and sit back comfortably until the artists' applications arrive.

Our system uses artificial intelligence to ensure a "perfect fit". This means that according to your preferences and specifications, the AI will find the artist that best fits your event!

Additionally, our system has an overview of the artists' calendar. So you will only get suggestions of artists that are still available on the day of your event.

Our tip for an extraordinary event

Get inspiration for your event from our blog!
In the connactz blog for event organizers, you'll find not only tips & tricks to make your event unique and unforgettable, but also the latest trends. It's worth a visit if you're in the planning phase of your event!
The blog can also help you in your search for suitable musicians through its interviews with artists from our network.
Answers to frequent questions
With a search request, we suggest your event to suitable musicians. Shortly after, you will receive several offers from musicians who are available for the date. If you want to browse yourself, you can browse the artist directory and write to musicians directly.
Nothing, we are financed exclusively by the membership fees of the musicians.
No. A search request costs nothing and is non-binding. However, we ask you to let all artists who send you an offer know whether you are interested in booking or whether they can give the date to someone else.
We recommend that you set up a search request for your event and compare the offers and profiles of the musicians including the audio samples directly with each other.
Once you have logged into your account as an organizer, you can see an overview of all events. Click on the desired event and then use the button "Stop search". Your event will then not be suggested to any new band.
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