connactz is the virtual manager for DJs and Bands!

The manager organizes your calendar, acquires new gigs, writes contracts & invoices - just like a real manager. Skip the paper work and get on stage!

With the help of artificial intelligence your manager searches for events that perfectly fit to you, 24 hours every day without a rest to connect you with event organizers.

Your manager, your calendar. Even if you play in multiple bands and formations, the manager keeps track and coordinates your events with the calendars of your band members.

Together with specialized lawyers, our virtual manager learned to write contracts for events. The manager sends out these contracts and writes invoices to event organizers.

Answers to frequent questions

Who uses connactz?
connactz was developed for every live artist, sound engineer or technician in the music sector. No matter your style, whether you are a DJ, a band, entertainer, choir or anything else - connactz is there to do your management.
What if I do not play in a band?
That is not a problem! Create your private profile and browse through the band position offers within our community (available soon). Other bands may look for a musician like you or may be in need for a replacement for a certain gigs. By the way, you do not have to pay a cent for that.
What does connactz cost?
Formations (bands, DJs, choirs, etc.) pay a monthly fee between 15 to 49€ depending on the chosen package. The musicians have their account free of charge.
Can I try it first?
Yes! The registration is free of charge, anyway. As soon as you let the manager organize a formation (band, DJ, etc.) you will have to choose a package. Your first formation receives a basic 30 days trial package. If you book a subscription afterwards, we give you another 30 days of money-back guarantee.

The perfect package for every Band or DJ

Choose your favorite package!
08.06.21 - 07.06.22
49€ per month
For Pro's & Newcomer
stand out with premium features.
More questions? Shoot us a message via Whatsapp or mail. We will contact you as soon as possible and also offer a call upon request.
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