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Max Founder
Answers to frequent questions
Requests that you receive outside of connactz can easily be entered manually with the "+" sign in the upper right corner of your calendar. You simply enter the date and booking status and the agent takes over the organization. Additionally, we recommend to link your booking form on your homepage. The agent then collects the requests of your homepage and relieves you from a lot of work.
Yes, you can upgrade your subscription to a higher package at any time.
Only you. The virtual agent marks these appointments (e.g. performances or holidays) in the calendars of all your colleagues. However, they can only see that you are already prevented from attending that day. The agent does not reveal the reasons (such as a gig job with another band) or other details such as fees.
Depending on the genre, lineup, and events you want to play, our digital agents find new performance opportunities every day. So some get their first requests in the first week, others may have to wait longer.
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