All your performance requests at a glance

Your mailbox collects the performance requests and negotiations of all your bands in one application.

An end to chaos

Your mailbox synchronizes your requests directly with the calendar and automatically checks the availability of your colleagues already during the quote creation process.

Easy integration with your homepage

Use your individual request form on the homepages of your bands to manage all requests centrally.

Communication made easy

You communicate with event organizers via your mailbox. With just a few clicks, you can send automatically generated offers, cancellations, contracts and invoices.

You still have questions?

Let Max show you how to fill in your gaps in your calendar and simplify your band's organization .

Max Founder
Answers to frequent questions
Click on the Community tab (currently not yet available) and open an emergency call there. The agent immediately starts looking for a suitable substitute for the missing instrument. The agent uses all conceivable information and searches for as many matches as possible, such as the style of your artist profile, age, band experience, etc.
Basically yes. The more information the agent receives from you, the easier it is for him to find suitable performance opportunities for you. However, if you provide false information, such as styles that you do not serve, you will receive fewer requests over time. The agent learns when organizers with certain requirements reject your offers more often than average.
Activate the slider with “Available as substitute” either in your profile or the community settings (not yet available). From then, the agent will consider you if an artists needs an urgent substitute for a gig. (coming soon)
Organizers may also specify favorite artists and genres in their search. Your artist profiles will rank higher if your setlist matches the organizer’s requests. With well-managed setlists, the agent will increasingly find the most appropriate gig requests. (coming soon)
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