Not in the mood for paperwork?

connactz automatically collects all relevant info and details about your gigs to send matching invoices to your customers on demand.

Play it safe

Forgotten the invoice number or calculated the sales tax incorrectly? This can't happen to you with the expert-checked invoices from connactz .

Save time

Your digital agent collects all the necessary appearance details and inserts them into your documents for you. No more wasting time with manual entries!

All invoices well sorted

Within your calendar you can access the respective documents of each performance.

You still have questions?

Let Max show you how to fill in your gaps in your calendar and simplify your band's organization .

Max Founder
Answers to frequent questions
We recommend the Silver Agent to hobby bands and DJs who want to perform from time to time but do not need support with contracts, yet. Here, the Agent already offers you extensive organizational services (such as the management of the calendars of the all individual members). From time to time, the Agent forwards you advertisements for performance opportunities for which applicants are still being sought. With the right profile pictures and audio samples, even this smallest membership will regularly attract the attention of organizers and receive requests for your artist profiles. You can find a detailed overview of all functions in the agent comparison.
We recommend the Platinum Agent to professional bands and DJs as well as to newcomers who want to really get started. The Platinum Agent is the most comprehensive package and offers, in addition to all the functions of the other packages, an extended artist profile and the “Gig-Boost”. For the Gig-Boost, the agent will show your artist profiles more frequently and prominently as soon as an event organizer enters a search that matches your profile. The agent promotes you actively and thinks "bigger". Go professional!
We recommend the Gold Agent to bands and DJs who want to play gigs on a regular basis or already earn money semi-professionally. The agent searches 24 hours, 365 days a year for suitable performance opportunities and notifies you via notification or e-mail as soon as a suitable announcement for a gig is entered. This way, even well-booked bands and DJs can close gaps in their calendar. With this gig flat rate, simplifications such as automatic contract creation are added. Away from the office desk, onto the stage!
You can easily change your agent in the settings of your artist profiles. If you want a smaller agent, your existing one will run until the end of the term and then change automatically. If you choose a larger agent than you currently have, we will upgrade your agent immediately.
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