Your offer flat rate - Your access to unlimited offers

Apply for all events that come up - without limit. The agent will only suggest suitable events and you decide which ones you want to bid on - there are no limits.

Your offer flat rate - Your access to unlimited offers

Apply for all events that come up - without limit. The agent will only suggest suitable events and you decide which ones you want to bid on - there are no limits.

What is this offer flat rate?

As soon as you receive a request, it is matched with your data by our system. That means: Your profile matches exactly with the request of the promoter. For all artists with gold and platinum agents, there is no cap on applications to requests from promoters. So you can apply for ALL private and public requests. With the Silver Agent you also have access to requests, but only to a limited extent.

What are the advantages of the offer flat rate?

We show you why we can recommend a flat rate offer to every musician.

More gigs

It's simple: The more applications your digital agent sends out, the more gigs you'll get. With the Gold Agent, you'll have access to everything that lands in your inbox, so you'll be able to quickly fill any tour gaps that are still available.

No commission

connactz does not charge you any commissions, as you might know it from other portals. If you book your agent from connactz, you get automatic access to all requests and can even apply without limit starting from the Gold Agent!

Tailored exactly to you

The tenders that are displayed to you are pre-filtered. This means that they are tailored exactly to you and your music offering. This ensures that the applications sent to you by the digital agent are really suitable for you.
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Answers to frequent questions
With your user account you only represent yourself internally in the musician community with your nickname or artist name and the instruments you play. Only with an artist profile you present yourself (and if applicable the colleagues of your band) also to organizers in the artist directory. So you need an artist profile to receive appointment requests and to use all functions of connactz. This also applies to DJs, solo entertainers and other solo artists. So either create an artist profile yourself or get invited by your bandmates who have already created one.
As soon as you have created your artists, you can be found and contacted by organizers. A well maintained profile is not only very important because of the organizers. From now on, the agent will also learn from your entries in your artist's profile and will send you publicly advertised performance opportunities that might suit you. The agent will also ask you for feedback from time to time, for example if you decline requests. The agent automatically adapts to your preferences and finds the right gigs for you.
When you create your first artist profile, you automatically get a free 30-day Gold Agent to get to know the basic features of the agent. You also won't fall into a hidden subscription trap: after the 30 days, the agent will automatically turn off. You don't have to cancel or do anything else if you don't want to continue using the agent.
The virtual agent sorts out requests that do not match your artist profile. In addition to hard factors such as distance, line-up or style, this also includes many soft requirements from organizers such as the available space on stage or whether you have songs by Tina Turner, for example, in your program. By increasing or decreasing the distance radius in your artist profile, adding or removing styles, etc., you already have a great influence on the type and fit of requests. In addition, the agent also reacts to positive reviews and recommends you to promoters with similar requests.
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