Create your event contracts automatically

Your agent will create a contract from all relevant data about your performances. This is sent directly to the organizers. Our contract configurators have been checked by specialized lawyers and thus provide you with more legal security.
What does automated contract creation do for musicians?
No more fiddling with contract templates you found on dubious websites. Just let your agent create and send the contract for you automatically. Our system generates your contract and sends it directly to the organizer and a copy to you.
What are your advantages with automated contract creation from connactz?
We'll show you why automated contract creation is our absolute recommendation for you.
Legally examined
The automated contract creation is done with the help of a sample template that has been reviewed by our lawyers and thus promises you more legal certainty. All data that we need for a legally flawless contract are either transferred directly into the system (if you have arranged the event via connactz) or requested from you or the organizer.
Simple accounting
Your past contracts are stored in your profile. Bandleaders can view all contracts. You can access all documents at any time and no longer need to manage external folders.
No manual intervention necessary
As soon as dates for events have been transferred to connactz, the system pulls all the relevant data for the contract and generates it fully automatically. One click from you and you have the finished contract, which the system sends to the organizer.
Simple management
If you have not arranged the gig via connactz   - no problem. Your agent will ask you for the relevant data and the contract is generated and can be sent. Or do you have your own contracts? Then simply upload them and let your agent take care of the administration and storage.
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Answers to frequent questions
To whom does a subscription apply?A agent applies to exactly one artist profile (DJ, band, entertainer, etc.). That artist will then receive the appropriate premium features.
May I switch the package after booking?You can easily change your agent in the settings of your artist profile. If you choose a larger agent than you currently have, we will upgrade your agent immediately. If you want a smaller agent, your existing agent will run until the end of the term and then change automatically.
Can I try it first?Yes, the registration is free anyway. Only when you manage an artist profile (band, DJ, etc.), you decide for an agent. For your first artist profile we give you the Gold agent for 30 days free of charge for testing. If you book an agent after that, we give you another 30 days money-back-guarantee, if you are not satisfied. Simply write an email to support@connactz.com and we will handle the rest. Take this as our guarantee for your satisfaction.
Are there hidden costs like provision for certain gigs?No. With the monthly agent price of your artist profile, your promoter contacts are free of charge and all resulting gigs are commission-free. So there are no further costs for you.
What is the duration of a package?The duration of a package is 1 year renews automatically for another year if you do not cancel before. However, you don't have to prepay the fees for a whole year. The agreed amount will be deducted in monthly payments.
What should I do if I am not satisfied?Your satisfaction is our primary goal. That includes fast and supportive customer service in case you experience any problems. Within 30 days of your subscription purchase, you can cancel your subscription without a reason and will receive a full refund of the entire payment made. Simply write an email to support@connactz.com and we will handle the rest. Take this as our guarantee for your satisfaction.
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