The calendar specially designed for musicians

All your gigs, the availability of your bandmates and all documents perfectly organized: Our calendar solution for bands and DJs.

Save time with the right organization

Your calendar lists your gig dates with all the relevant info so you don't have to jump back and forth between multiple tools.

Smart solution for complex situations

Wasting time coordinating performance details with your band members? connactz will do that for you automatically!

Be faster than the others

With the calendar, you can check the availabilities of your bandmates with just one click and respond to requests faster.

Quickly integrate private appointments

Connect your private calendars and prevent scheduling conflicts. The availability of all band members is always up to date and immediately available.

You still have questions?

Let Max show you how to fill in your gaps in your calendar and simplify your band's organization .

Max Founder
Answers to frequent questions
With our Platinum Agent, you can display your tour or performance dates on your artist page in connactz as well as easily integrate them into your own homepage with a plugin. Let your fans always know immediately where your next gigs will be! (coming soon)
If there are any changes in your calendar, such as the timings, venue or booking status, the agent will inform you and all band mates who are scheduled for that date. You don't have to worry about it.
The agent always has an overview of the calendar entries and holidays of all users in an artist profile. The agent takes existing blockers such as holidays into account and warns you or the bandleader of the artist profile if they want to check availability or send an offer for the date, for example. It is therefore worthwhile to enter holidays. Your agent will take care of the rest.
Events that have been arranged via a posting on connactz, via your booking on connactz or via your form plugin on your homepage will automatically appear in your inbox and calendar. Events from other sources, such as a phone call, can be entered manually in the calendar with just a few clicks.
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