You want to present your band professionally?

Your artist profile on connactz is like a homepage: Introduce yourself, show photos and videos and receive requests via the customizable request form.

Additional requests for your band

You still have a free weekend in your calendar? Your digital agent presents your artist profile with photos and videos to suitable organizers and helps you to close your gaps in the calendar with additional requests.

Customizable request form

In your customizable request form, the organizer leaves all the information you need to create a suitable offer. Connect your homepage to manage requests from there via connactz.

Convince with references

Positive ratings from past events are important to convince organizers. connactz offers you this function without any programming effort.

You still have questions?

Let Max show you how to fill in your gaps in your calendar and simplify your band's organization .

Max Founder
Answers to frequent questions
When you edit your account, you can activate the "Available as a substitute" slider. With this you give other musicians the information that you would also take on temporary substitute jobs in other artist profiles. They can now find you in the community and contact you. (soon to come)
Only the bandleaders (admins) of an artist profile can add new members. So please ask the corresponding person to send you an invitation. Once you have accepted the invitation, you can also be immediately assigned to gigs by the bandleaders and gigs will appear in your calendar.
The calendars of your band colleagues are automatically synchronized, so that you can always see whether you are able to play and which colleague may not have time. This way, the agent can offer you better scheduling suggestions without you having to ask your bandmates. Furthermore, it will keep all your bandmates up to date.
Yes! You can select an individual lineup of your bandmates for each event in your calendar. If you are bookable as a duo as well as in a complete band line-up, you can select the band colleagues who should be present at the event. However, as soon as you perform with different names, you have to create several artist profiles according to our guidelines.
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