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Artist profile

You can create a user account by entering your e-mail address and password. You will then receive a code for activation via e-mail.

Your connactz account is free. You can be invited to as many artist profiles as you want, already benefit from the intelligent calendar and much more. Only the premium management features of an artist profile are subject to a fee. The different agents differ in price depending on their functionality. You can find more information here under "Premium Packages" or in the agent comparison.

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When you edit your account, you can activate the "Available as a substitute" slider. With this you give other musicians the information that you would also take on temporary substitute jobs in other artist profiles. They can now find you in the community and contact you. (soon to come)

With your account you represent yourself within the musician community with your nickname and the instruments you play. Only an artist profile presents yourself (and your colleagues within the band) to your event organizers. So you need an artist profile to receive requests and to use all functions of connactz. This also applies to DJs, solo entertainers and other solo artists. So either create an artist profile yourself or get invited by your bandmates who have already created one.

The calendars of your band colleagues are automatically synchronized, so that you can always see whether you are able to play and which colleague may not have time. This way, the agent can offer you better scheduling suggestions without you having to ask your bandmates. Furthermore, it will keep all your bandmates up to date.

Only the bandleaders (admins) of an artist profile can add new members. So please ask the corresponding person to send you an invitation. Once you have accepted the invitation, you can also be immediately assigned to gigs by the bandleaders and gigs will appear in your calendar.

Yes! You can select an individual lineup of your bandmates for each event in your calendar. If you are bookable as a duo as well as in a complete band line-up, you can select the band colleagues who should be present at the event. However, as soon as you perform with different names, you have to create several artist profiles according to our guidelines.

Premium Packages

When you create your first artist profile, you automatically get a free 30-day Gold Agent to get to know the basic features of the agent. You also won't fall into a hidden subscription trap: after the 30 days, the agent will automatically turn off. You don't have to cancel or do anything else if you don't want to continue using the agent.

We recommend the Silver Agent to hobby bands and DJs who want to perform from time to time but do not need support with contracts, yet. Here, the Agent already offers you extensive organizational services (such as the management of the calendars of the all individual members), an interface for the event organizers and keeps your calendar organized. You can find a detailed overview of all functions in the agent comparison.

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We recommend the Gold Agent to bands and DJs who want to play gigs on a regular basis or already earn money semi-professionally. You will receive all premium features of the Silver package. Furthermore, the agent searches 24 hours, 365 days a year for suitable performance opportunities and notifies you via notification or e-mail. This way, even well-booked bands and DJs can close gaps in their calendar. Additionally, you receive simplifications such as automatic contract creation. Off from the office desk, up on stage!

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We recommend the Platinum Agent to professional bands and DJs as well as to Newcomers who want to really get started. The Platinum Agent is the most comprehensive package and offers, in addition to all the functions of the other packages, an extended artist profile. More news follow soon! Go professional!

Compare Agents

You can easily change your agent in the settings of your artist profiles. If you want a smaller agent, your existing one will run until the end of the term and then change automatically. If you choose a larger agent than you currently have, we will upgrade your agent immediately.

You can choose between a monthly and annual contract. Your contract will automatically renew for another year / month if you do not cancel before the end of the period.

Currently we accept payments by credit card, instant payment and SEPA direct debit. The payment is processed and debited via the renowned payment service provider Stripe (, shopify, etc.). When completing a paid service, you will therefore be briefly redirected to Stripe to give your payment details. connactz does not have access to your personal payment information.


Click on the Community tab (currently not yet available) and open an emergency call there. The agent immediately starts looking for a suitable substitute for the missing instrument. The agent uses all conceivable information and searches for as many matches as possible, such as the style of your artist profile, age, band experience, etc.

Activate the slider with “Available as substitute” either in your profile or the community settings (not yet available). From then, the agent will consider you if an artists needs an urgent substitute for a gig. (coming soon)

Receiving requests and gigs

As soon as you have created your artist profile, you can be found and contacted by organizers. A well maintained profile is not only very important because of the organizers. From now on, the agent will also learn from your entries in your artist's profile and will send you publicly advertised performance opportunities that might fit your artist profile. The agent will also ask you for feedback from time to time, for example if you decline requests. The agent automatically adapts to your preferences and finds the right gigs for you.

The virtual agent sorts out requests that do not match your artist profile. In addition to hard factors such as distance, line-up or style, this also includes many soft requirements from organizers such as the available space on stage or whether you have songs by Tina Turner, for example, in your program. By increasing or decreasing the distance radius in your artist profile, adding or removing styles, etc., you already have a great influence on the type and fit of requests. In addition, the agent also reacts to positive reviews and recommends you to promoters with similar requests.

Basically yes. The more information the agent receives from you, the easier it is for him to find suitable performance opportunities for you. However, if you provide false information, such as styles that you do not serve, you will receive fewer requests over time. The agent learns when organizers with certain requirements reject your offers more often than average.

Organizers may also specify favorite artists and genres in their search. Your artist profiles will rank higher if your setlist matches the organizer’s requests. With well-managed setlists, the agent will increasingly find the most appropriate gig requests. (coming soon)

Requests that you receive outside of connactz can easily be entered manually with the "+" sign in the upper right corner of your calendar. You simply enter the date and booking status and the agent takes over the organization. Additionally, we recommend to link your booking form on your homepage. The agent then collects the requests of your homepage and relieves you from a lot of work.

Your calendar

Only you. The virtual agent marks these appointments (e.g. performances or holidays) in the calendars of all your colleagues. However, they can only see that you are already prevented from attending that day. The agent does not reveal the reasons (such as a gig job with another band) or other details such as fees.

With our Platinum Agent, you can display your tour or performance dates on your artist page in connactz as well as easily integrate them into your own homepage with a plugin. Let your fans always know immediately where your next gigs will be! (coming soon)

The agent always has an overview of the calendar entries and holidays of all users in an artist profile. The agent takes existing blockers such as holidays into account and warns you or the bandleader of the artist profile if they want to check availability or send an offer for the date, for example. It is therefore worthwhile to enter holidays. Your agent will take care of the rest.

If there are any changes in your calendar, such as the timings, venue or booking status, the agent will inform you and all band mates who are scheduled for that date. You don't have to worry about it.

For event organizers

Nothing! The search for artists is free of charge for you. Connactz is financed exclusively by the membership fees of bands and DJs.

You can either browse the artist directory by yourself and contact bands and DJs there individually. Or, you can leave your contact details and requirements for connactz to get you 5-10 offers from bands that match your preferences and are available on your date. You can then conveniently compare and book your preferred artist.

We do not disclose your budget limit to anyone and certainly don’t display it to the artists. The budget is only used to provide the most suitable offers to you and filter out artists that do not match your expectations.

In most cases, you will receive the first offers after 1-2 hours already. You can then decide to end your search at any time. The search will be closed automatically after 7 days.

Once you have accepted your preferred offer in your personal overview, the artist will receive a message regarding your booking request and your event will be entered into their calendar as soon as they confirmed the gig. We recommend that you then discuss the details with the artist and request a contract so that you can relax before your event!

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