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    Account for artists

  • How do I create an account?
    You will need to enter your e-mail address and create a password for an account. Then, you will receive a link to activate your account. Register now!
  • What’s the price for a membership for artists?
    Creating a profile as an artist on connactz is entirely free-of-charge. You can also be invited to as many formations as you like. However, once you create and manage a formation, you will need to purchase a membership package for your formation. The different packages differ in price depending on their functions. You can find more information at "Packages for formations" or in the package comparison. Compare Packages
  • What happens if I activate the "Available as Substitute" button in my profile?
    When you edit your personal profile, you can activate the slider "Available as Substitute". With this, you show other musicians that you would also accept temporary jobs in other formations. They can now find you in the community and contact you,
  • Why should I create a formation?
    With your account you only represent yourself internally in the musician community with your artist name and the instruments you play. Only with a formation, you can interact with event organizers and appear as an entity in the artist directory – this time, not representing you as an individual but as the entity (band, DJ, choir, etc.) that gets on stage. You need a formation to receive gig requests and to use all functions of connactz. This also applies to DJs, solo entertainers and other solo artists. So either create a formation yourself or get invited by your bandmates if a formation has already been created.
  • Why should I add members to my formation?
    When adding members to your formation, the managers syncs their calendars with that of your formation. As you can imagine, this improves scheduling gigs considerably – the manager can easily see if your formation is able to take a gig and shows you which members cannot make that date. No more busy chats and waiting for replies before submitting an offer to a gig.
  • How can I join a formation?
    Only admins (bandleaders) can add members to a formation. Please ask that person to send you an invitation. Once you have accepted the invitation, you can view your formation’s gigs in your calendar.
  • Can I have multiple casts for one formation?
    You can store 2 different casts in your formation (or up to 3 with the Pro Package). This also includes completely different set-ups, for example you can add one cast as a duo and another one as a complete band. However, please play it fair and create a new formation if your “casts” are actually two different bands or ensembles with different names (you are also obliged to so do by accepting our terms and conditions).

    Membership options for artists

  • Do I have to purchase a Package straight away or can I try connactz first for free?
    When you create your first formation, you automatically receive a free basic package for 30 days to get to know the basic functions of the manager. Don’t worry about hidden obligations or subscriptions – after the first 30 days, the manager will automatically stop its services. You don't have to cancel or do anything else if you don't want to keep the package.
  • Who should choose the Light Package?
    We recommend the Light Package to hobby bands and DJs who want to perform from time to time but do not need support with invoices and contracts, yet. Here, the manager already offers you extensive organizational services (such as the management of the calendars of the all individual members). From time to time, the manager forwards you advertisements for performance opportunities for which applicants are still being sought. With the right profile pictures and audio samples, even this smallest package will regularly attract the attention of organizers and receive requests for your formation. You can find a detailed overview of all functions in the package comparison. Compare Packages
  • Who should choose the Basic Package?
    The Basic Package is recommended for bands and DJs who want gigs on a regular basis or already earn money semi-professionally. The manager searches 24 hours, 365 days per year for matching performance opportunities and notifies you as soon as a fitting search for a gig is entered. This way, even sought-after bands and DJs can close gaps in their performance calendar. There are more convenient functions that come with this gig flatrate, such as automatic contract and invoice generation Skip the paperwork, get on stage! Compare packages
  • Who should choose the Pro Package?
    We recommend the Pro Package to professional bands and DJs as well as to newcomers who want to really get started. The Pro Package is the most comprehensive package and offers, in addition to all the functions of the other packages, an extended formation profile and the “Gig-Boost”. For the Gig-Boost, the manager positions your formation especially frequently and prominently as soon as an event organizer enters a search that matches your profile. The manager promotes you actively and thinks "bigger". Go professional! Compare Packages
  • How can I switch my Package?
    You can easily change your package in the settings of your formation. If you want to downgrade your package, your existing package will run until the end of the term and then change automatically. If you wish to upgrade your package, we will upgrade your package immediately.
  • What is the duration of a package?
    The duration of a package is 1 year and is automatically extended for another year if you do not cancel before. However, you don't have to prepay the fees for a whole year. The agreed amount will be deducted in monthly payments.
  • What payment options do you offer and what happens to my private details?
    We currently only accept credit cards, but work on offering more methods soon. The payment is processed via the well-known payment service provider Stripe (you#ve probably used it already in most of your online shopping) and you will be debited monthly. When purchasing a membership, you will therefore be briefly redirected to Stripe to deposit your payment details there. Be assured that connactz does not have access to your personal payment information.


  • Emergency – a band mate is sick. Where can I find a substitute immediately?
    Click on the Community tab (not yet available) and open an ‘emergency call’ there. The manager will immediately start searching a suitable substitute for the missing instrument. The manager uses all possible information and searches for as many matches as possible, taking into account the style of your formation, age, band experience, etc.
  • How can I show my availability as a substitute for another formation?
    Activate the slider with “Available as substitute” either in your profile or the community settings (not yet available). From then, the manager will consider you if a formation needs an urgent substitute for a gig.

    Receiving requests and gigs

  • How do I receive requests for gigs?
    Once you have created your formation, you appear in searches and can be contacted by organizers. A detailed and up-to-date profile is not only important for the organizers. The manager also learns from your entries in the profile of your formation and sends you publicly advertised performance opportunities that might suit you. The manager will also ask you for feedback from time to time, for example why you reject certain requests. This way, the manager automatically adapts to your preferences and finds the right gigs for you.
  • Can I influence the type of requests my formation receives?
    The virtual manager filters all requests that don’t match your formation’s profle. This does not only include the “hard facts” such as distances, line-up or genre but also compares your repertoire to the organizer’s favorite songs or your requirements for space and equipment that might not fit the organizer’s needs. By increasing or decreasing the distance radius in your formation's profile, adding or removing genres, and modifying other characteristics, you can influence the type and accuracy of the requests you get. In addition, the manager also reacts to positive reviews and recommends you to organizers with similar expectations.
  • Can I increase the number of requests I receive by providing more details on my profile?
    Essentially, yes. The more information the manager receives from you, the easier it is to find suitable gigs for you. However, if you provide false information, such as genres that you do not serve, you will receive fewer requests in turn: the manager learns when organizers with certain requirements reject your offers more often than average.
  • Why should I add songs to the setlist in my profile?
    Organizers may also specify favorite artists and styles in their search. Your formation will rank higher if your setlist matches the organizer’s requests. With a well-managed setlist, the manager will increasingly find the most appropriate gig requests.
  • Can I also enter requests that I receive via phone or mail?
    You can easily enter the requests you receive outside of connactz manually with the "+"-sign in the upper right corner of your calendar. Simply enter the date and booking status and the manager takes over. Alternatively, you can use the request form plugin (currently not available) on your homepage. The manager then also collects the performance requests of your homepage and takes a lot of work off your shoulders.

    Your calendar

  • Who can view my calendar entries, gigs, salary and other details?
    Only you and yourself. The virtual manager takes note that you aren’t available on a specific date and shows this information in all your formations’ calendars, but any details are not anyone’s business. It simply lets your colleagues know that they will need to look for a substitute if they still want to receive a gig on that day. And just for the record, it doesn’t come as a surprise that any details about your salary are only visible to you and only you.
  • Can I display my next performances of my formations publicly?
    With our Pro package, you can display your tour or performance dates on your formation page in connactz as well as easily integrate them into your own homepage with a plugin. Let your fans always know immediately where your next gigs will be!
  • Why should I block private events, such as vacations, in the manager?
    Keeping track of the calendar for all musicians of a formation has never been easier. The manager takes into account blockers for private causes (the much-needed vacation, for example) and warns the admins of a formation accordingly if there’s a clash with the request from an even organizer. It’s worth entering blockers for dates you definitely cannot make – the back and forth with your formation is done by the manager.
  • How do I keep track of changes to my calendar?
    If there are any changes in your calendar, such as the timings, venue or booking status, the manager will inform you and all band mates who are scheduled for that date. You don't have to worry about it.

    For event organizers

  • How much does connactz cost?
    Nothing! The search for musicians is free of charge for you. Connactz is financed exclusively by the membership fees of bands and DJs.
  • How do I receive offers from artist?
    You can either browse the artist directory by yourself and contact bands and DJs there individually. Or, you can leave your contact details and requirements for connactz to get you 5-10 offers from bands that match your preferences and are available on your date. You can then conveniently compare and book your preferred artist.
  • Why should I enter a budget and who can see it?
    We do not disclose your budget limit to anyone and certainly don’t display it to the artists. The budget is only used to provide the most suitable offers to you and filter out artists that do not match your expectations.
  • How long does it usually take to receive offers once I entered a search?
    In most cases, you will receive the first offers after 1-2 hours already. You can then decide to end your search at any time. The search will be closed automatically after 7 days.
  • What happens once I chose my preferred artist?
    Once you have accepted your preferred offer in your personal overview, the artist will receive a message regarding your booking request and your event will be entered into their calendar as soon as they confirmed the gig. We recommend that you then discuss the details with the artist and request a contract so that you can relax before your event!
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