Bands and Musicians play your wedding-eve-party.

Bands and Musicians for your wedding-eve-party

Golden Rules for Bands and Musicians on your wedding-eve-party

The Polterabend (Wedding-Eve-Party) is a centuries-old custom that is known not only in Germany but also in Austria, Switzerland, Poland and partly in Scandinavia. To keep away the evil spirits and demons and to wish the bride and groom much luck for the marriage, people "polter" (make loud noises). This involves breaking the stoneware brought by the guests in the form of dishes, pots or similar items. Traditionally, the Polterabend takes place one the eve of the wedding, one day before the church ceremony. Since bride and groom rarely want to be hungover on their own wedding, it is also typical to organize this already some days or even weeks before the actual ceremony. Often the whole organization is also taken over by the witnesses to the marriage. The ambience at the Polterabend is very casual and relaxed, barbecue is usually the meal of choice. The location can be a small marquee in front of the bride and groom's house or simply a rented restaurant. Now to ensure the ideal entertainment for your guests, the appropriate music should not be missing in any case. Since the celebration is the focus, a DJ or a cover or party band is usually the best choice, if the setting is smaller, duo and trio are suitable as well.

The best Bands and Musicians for your wedding-eve-party

Band, Dulliken (CH)
Mary Keey
No reviews yet
Band, Neckargemünd (DE)
The Jam Collective
(2 Reviews )
Band, Sauerlach (DE)
Happy Bavarians
(1 Review )
Band, Gilching (DE)
No reviews yet
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