Musicians play your wedding.

Musicians for your wedding

Golden Rules for Musicians on your wedding

The wedding ceremony is probably the most important and most beautiful moment in the life of a couple. Either with the closest friends and relatives or with a larger gathering, the bride and groom say yes to each other in a solemn ceremony. Usually, the wedding ceremony takes place directly before the wedding reception. Equally common is the civil marriage in time before the church or free wedding. For the wedding ceremony in the church or in the registry office, discreet music appropriate to the occasion is expected. If necessary, the couple can also request certain songs after consultation with the artists. When the songs are to be played is to be agreed upon individually. While it can be a little more powerful during the entrance, a calm and quiet accompaniment is legitimate during the change of the wedding rings. It should be noted that the registrar or priest should know about the song selection of the wedding songs, so that he can arrange the ceremony or the service accordingly. For a church ceremony, a church choir and organist are traditionally a frequently chosen line-up. However, there are also many specialized formations that provide a glamorous musical setting for the wedding ceremony. A duo consisting of a pianist and a singer is very popular. The concept is often expandable, which is why many similar formations can be found: for example, with a three-part choir, or an additional instrument such as a violin or guitar. If an instrumental accompaniment of the wedding ceremony is desired, solo artists on the piano, guitar or - a bit more special - on the flute are possible.

The best Musicians for your wedding

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(10 Reviews )
DJ, Suhl (DE)
DJ Thomas Naumann - Mobildisko
(11 Reviews )
Entertainer, Augsburg (DE)
(3 Reviews )
Band, eichicht (DE)
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