Bands and DJs play your open air.

Bands and DJs for your open air

Golden Rules for Bands and DJs on your open air

A big audience, a big stage, big bands. These are the keywords associated with open airs and festivals . Nowadays, these are organized in any music genre. From classical music festivals to rock/pop or techno open air to jazz festivals, anything is possible. In addition, it is now typical that people not only enjoy one style of music. As the name suggests, these events take place outdoors, which of course means that the weather plays a significant role. However, if it rains heavily, this is usually no reason to cancel the event. If you think of the all-famous festivals like the "Southside", a little rain only lets the participants celebrate even more openly. Besides the well-known headliners, with which the event is extensively advertised, you will find many still unknown bands . Organizers are specifically looking for newcomers or smaller bands . A gig at a festival is an opportunity for them to present themselves in front of a large audience and thus significantly increase their level of awareness. Bands with their own songs are not the only ones in demand. For example, at outdoor events that are organized in connection with a certain event (World Cup public viewing), party bands or DJs engage the audience before, after and during the breaks.

The best Bands and DJs for your open air

Band, Plattling (DE)
Partyband Hi!light
(23 Reviews )
DJ, Suhl (DE)
DJ Thomas Naumann - Mobildisko
(11 Reviews )
Band, München (DE)
Spickn Span
No reviews yet
Band, Munich (DE)
(2 Reviews )
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