connactz is the virtual manager for musicians, bands and DJs.

What is connactz?

Live music can be a daunting task in terms of administration - homepage maintenance, sourcing gigs, coordinating the availability of team members, contracting and invoicing, you name it. After many years spent on stage, our team knows what you're experiencing. Who doesn't dream of a manager taking that chunk of work for you?! Now, your dreams have just come true - meet connactz, your virtual manager. Connactz is the intelligent solution to manage artists via an app. Connactz lifts sourcing the gigs you really want to play, coordinating your team members, contracting and invoicing off your shoulders. Exhale, fellow artist - skip the paperwork, get on stage.

The minds behind connactz!

connactz was developed by musicians for musicians. Our team plays in 4 different bands and combines more than 25 years of playing on live stages. We want to revolutionize the music biz with an app that eases the life of thousands or maybe even millions of artists!
CEO, Development
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