Less paperwork - more music!

connactz organizes your calendar, arranges additional gigs and creates contracts and invoices - just like a real manager.

Why do we exist?

Most musicians spend way too much time worrying about organizational tasks off stage . Our digital agent takes care of those tasks and saves you time too, so you can music .
All gigs at a glance
Fill gaps in the calendar
More time for music
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New requests for your bands

connactz collects matching performance opportunities, checks the availability of all band members and calculates optimal fees for your contract negotiation.
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All info just one click away

With connactz you always have the most important information about your gigs with you. This way you coordinate all members of your band and keep everyone always up to date.
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Processing and documentation

Based on the collected data about your performance you can create contracts and invoices and send them to the organizer with one click.
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You still have questions?

Let Max show you how to fill in your gaps in your calendar and simplify your band's organization .

Max Founder

That's why our customers love connactz


The automatic gig acquisition and invoicing of connactz eases my life tremendously.


Freelancing Jazz-Drummer


As a DJ, I use connactz to keep my events and gigs organized.




I enjoy using connactz! It was never easier to organize gigs!


Singer in multiple bands

Who are we?

connactz was developed by musicians for musicians. Knowing from our own experience how complex and time consuming it is to manage a band, we developed connactz to coordinate our gigs and spend more time on stage instead of at our desks .
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